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“I am not a chef. I am just a fanatic about food.” That pretty much describes me, The Culinary Fanatic. Bobby Flay is a chef. Heston Blumenthal is a chef. Gordon Ramsay is a chef. I, however, am just a family man tooling around in his kitchen and sharing what I do with whoever will follow. Everything I have learned and experienced in my life until now points directly to what I am doing with food. My background in the music/entertainment industry, my background in photography, and my experience as a web developer and graphic designer all contribute heavily to where I am headed with The Culinary Fanatic. I enjoy the creative side of food. Not only do I always strive for maximum flavor, but in every decision, I am always thinking about the photo. When I am buying cookware, I am thinking about the photo or video. When I shop for ingredients, I am thinking about how they will photograph. When I arrange food as I cook in a skillet, I am thinking about the photo, the video, the camera angle, interesting shadows, white balance…. ok, ok, you get it. Food is not just about maximum flavor for me – every aspect of it must be beautiful. And that is why I call myself a fanatic. It’s exactly what I am.

When I started The Culinary Fanatic, it was really out of desire to provide myself with a creative outlet for what I was doing with food. It also served as a platform where I could teach people what I knew about cast iron cooking, restoration, maintenance and collecting. I am an information junkie, and I love testing methods over and over to see what actually works in order to better teach others.

At the center of all I do is a sincere, God-given desire to help and serve other people in a way that they can understand. I try to teach in a way that removes any possibility of failure when someone tries to do what I do on their own. There is nothing better than the messages I receive of people telling me that they found the answer to something they were hunting for in something I produced or posted. When I produce a video, post a recipe, or post a photograph, I am always thinking about the questions that will come as a result. I enjoy giving away what I have been blessed with.